You Are What You Eat


Activism for me is to use the tool of capitalism to stop fossil food do not buy it support your local farmer change your diet. If you buy any vegetables from china you are loading up on pesticides, over 35% of the farmland in china is polluted , but they are still farming it. The cave men at the fossil fuel companies would have you believe that your car is the problem but one mega container ship = 50 million cars ! shipping is killing the planet.   Grow your own gardens not lawns, propagate organic seed, residential gardens and aquaponics raised trout. To provide information to help stop fossil food and GMO’s. If what your buying travels over 100 miles it is fossil food!

The cost of food today, the news reports expect increases of 4% they must be talking about 4% for the farmer! Last year bacon was repackaged from 500 G down to 375 G that is 25 % in one day! most of the things you buy have been downsized this is how they hide the price increases, cheddar cheese increased by 50 %  the price is the same the package has shrunk from 900 g to 450 g. and the visual size of the repackaging is the same. Kraft 1″ down to .5″ inch thick.

price con

Then you have the daily price manipulation that companies like Lob-laws practice, Superstore will price sale items with yellow stickers an example of this would be $2.99 then in small print they state in groups of three, if you buy only 1 $3.99 is the actual cost, then they will have yellow labels the state the price at $2.99 and the small print states “limit 1” to me this whole charade is not acceptable,  who are they trying to fool with this manipulation? Seniors  that have trouble reading the small print?

When I go shopping I want to know the price of the item period.

If I wanted 3 I would buy a large package of the product this practice is not environmentally friendly 3 x the amount of packaging 3 x the energy to produce, please sign the petition to stop this BS the prominent price should be the price of the package!

“If you try to do the math, it just doesn’t seem to compute. But somehow the numbers work out because the Dervaes family is able to produce about 4,300 pounds of vegetables, 900 chicken and 1,000 duck eggs, 25 pounds of honey, and further poundage of seasonal fruits on their 4,000 square-foot postage stamp of land just outside the southern California’s sprawling megalopolis. Beyond providing food for themselves, the family makes about $20,000 per year by selling their produce from their front porch.”

Information to help your family gain food security